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Cutting the cost of your training

Your employees need to be trained so that your business runs smoothly and cost effectively, but you also need to keep your budget under control.

Here are some suggestions that will ensure you still receive first class training and get the most out of your budget.

Hold your training courses onsite

If you have a group of people that require the same course, this will reduce your training cost per person, as well as cutting your travel expenses. You will receive training onsite at your premises for a fraction of the cost of public courses.

Reduce the length of the courses

Have your training delivered in short bite size modules, little and often. This will reduce the time your employees are away from their desks. 

Hold customised courses

Have courses tailored to meet your needs and your employees will receive more effective, focused training and learn skills that they can put into practice immediately.

Get together with another company

Share the cost of training with another company and receive volume discounts which will reduce the cost per person.

Seek out government grants

You may be able to take advantage of training grants that are available.

Hold training sessions in the evenings or weekends

This will reduce operating costs for your organization as a whole.

Receive remote online training

Arrange for your employees to receive focused, structured training without leaving their desks. This will save travel time and costs, and reduce the time your employees are out of the workplace.

How can we help?

Alpha Training can help you receive first class training and make the most of your budget. To discuss your training needs call us now on 020 8658 6994 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .