Course length

3 days

Why come on this course?

This course introduces Adobe After Effects Pro with lots of hands on exercises and examples. 

Who is it for?

Artists and post production professionals rely on After Effects to generate visually stunning work for film, TV, video, and web.


A good understanding of Premiere Pro is required to get the most from this course.

Course contents

Introducing After Effects

  • Creating a project and importing footage
  • Creating a composition and arranging layers
  • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
  • Animating the composition
  • Previewing, rendering and exporting your composition
  • Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets
  • Importing footage
  • Applying effects to a layer
  • Applying an animation preset
  • Previewing the effects
  • Adding transparency
  • Rendering the composition

Animating Text

  • Text layers
  • Creating and formatting text
  • Animating text using a path animation preset
  • Animating type tracking and text opacity

Working with Shape Layers

  • Adding a shape layer
  • Incorporating video and audio layers
  • Applying a Cartoon effect

Animating a Multimedia Presentation

  • Animating the scenery using parenting
  • Adjusting an anchor point
  • Masking video using vector shapes
  • Keyframing a motion path

Animating Layers

  • Simulating lighting changes
  • Animating movement in the scenery
  • Adding a lens flare effect

Working with Masks

  • Creating a mask with the Pen tool
  • Editing a mask
  • Feathering the edges of a mask
  • Replacing the content of the mask
  • Adding reflection
  • Creating a vignette

Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools

  • About the Puppet tools
  • Adding Deform pins
  • Defining areas of overlap
  • Animating pin positions
  • Recording animation

Using the Roto Brush Tool

  • Creating a segmentation boundary
  • Fine-tuning the matte
  • Freezing your Roto Brush tool results
  • Changing the background

Performing Color Correction

  • Adjusting color balance
  • Correcting a range of colors
  • Warming colors with the Photo Filter effect

Using 3D Features

  • Creating 3D Text
  • Using 3D Views
  • Adding 3D Lights
  • Adding a camera
  • Adding a text layer

Working with the 3D Camera Tracker

  • Tracking footage
  • Creating a ground plane, a camera, and the initial text
  • Creating realistic shadows
  • Adding ambient light
  • Creating additional text elements
  • Animating the text
  • Adjusting depth of field
  • Rendering the composition

Rendering and Outputting    

  • Creating templates for the Render Queue
  • Exporting using the Render Queue
  • Rendering movies with Adobe Media Encoder
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