Course length

3 days

Why come on this course?

This course introduces the powerful features of the most recent versions of Adobe Captivate. Best practices and common pitfalls are explored, and proven productivity topics ensure this course provides a solid foundation for generating compelling eLearning and presentation that are efficient and maintainable. All the new features are covered.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for new users of Adobe Captivate.

Course contents

Captivate Interface

  • Toolbars and Panels
  • Using the Grid, Zoom and Magnify
  • Using the Timeline
  • Slide filmstrip


  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • Responsive Project design
  • Setting layouts for different device screen dimensions
  • Properties for particular Views
  • Applying Themes

Recording Projects

  • Plan, record, edit and publish
  • Set recording preferences
  • Types of recording
  • Record video demonstrations
  • Pause while recording
  • Record software simulations
  • Taking additional screen-shots
  • Panning while recording


  • Add, delete & rearrange
  • Group, Lock & Hide
  • Master slides
  • Slide properties and transitions
  • Slide notes and Closed Captions


  • Add reflection and shadows
  • Align & arrange
  • Change the display and visibility
  • Copy, paste, and duplicate
  • Grouping
  • Object effects and style
  • Resize, reposition and rotate
  • Managing the Library

Non-Interactive Objects

  • Text captions and Animations
  • Simple pre-set Animations
  • Smart shapes and Highlight boxes
  • Images and rollover images
  • Mouse indicator
  • Audio settings for non-interactive objects
  • Zoom areas

Interactive Objects

  • Text entry boxes
  • Buttons and Click boxes
  • Blocking and non-blocking interactions
  • Adding audio
  • Project navigation

Multi-State Objects

  • Interactive slide shows
  • Responsive motion effects
  • Asset store


  • System audio recording and playback
  • View audio details
  • Preview audio
  • Recording in sync
  • Background, Slide and Object audio
  • Insert and Edit audio
  • Export audio
  • Text-to-speech


  • Understanding video usage
  • Video in SWF and HTML5
  • Event video
  • Multi-slide synchronized video

Learning Interactions

  • Pyramid, Circle and Time
  • Game-Like Interactions
  • Learner Notes
  • Drag-and-drop


  • Insert graded and survey question slides
  • Quiz preferences
  • Random question slides from question pools
  • Set up question slides
  • Assigning points and penalties
  • Uniquely identifying interactions for quiz reports
  • Submitting all answers simultaneously
  • Allow users to return to quiz

Advanced Editing and Review

  • Table of Contents
  • The Skin Editor
  • Resize projects
  • Project preferences
  • Preview projects
  • Effects panel
  • Spelling and Search options
  • Import, export, and delete content 

Publishing Projects

  • Preview and publish Responsive projects
  • Publish as HTML5 files
  • Responsive projects
  • Set publishing preferences

Using Captivate with Other Applications

  • Importing from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Importing images
  • Integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS); LMS overview
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