Course Length

1 day

Why come on this course?

In this course you will learn about the Google Sheets app to an advanced level.  Following the course, you will be confident in analysing and manipulating your data in Google Sheets using various advanced formulas and functions. You will cover more advanced sheets functionality like conditional formatting, data validation and sheet protection. 

Course contents

Automating Tasks in Sheets with Macros

  • What is a Macro
  • Record Macros
  • Comparing Relative and Absolute Macros
  • Running a Macro
  • Edit or Delete a Macro

Formatting Cells with Conditional Formatting

  • Add Conditional Formatting to a Range of Cells
  • Add Multiple Conditional Formats
  • Apply a Conditional Format with Colour Scales
  • Apply Conditional Format with Formulas

Use Data Validation to Restrict User Entry

  • Restrict User Entry with Numbers
  • Restrict User Entry with Text
  • Dropdown List Validation
  • Creating Dynamic Validation Lists

Google Sheet Protection and Sharing

  • Protecting a Cell Range
  • Protecting a Google Sheet
  • Applying an Editable Range to a Protected Sheet
  • Share a Protected Sheet with a Colleague

Advanced Formulas and Functions

  • Date and Time Functions
  • Logical Functions – IF, AND, OR, SUMIFS
  • Lookup Functions – Index, Match
  • Array Formulas in Sheets

Working with Sparklines

  • What are Sparklines
  • Insert Sparklines into a Google Sheet
  • Change Sparkline Options

Importing and Exporting

  • Importing a Range of Data from another Google Sheet
  • Importing Data from a Web Page
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