Course length

1/2 day

Why come on this course?

On this half day course you will learn how to use Google Sites to create websites for  your teams, projects, and events.

Course contents

Creating a site

  • Creating and naming a site
  • Copying a site
  • Deleting and restoring a site

Adding content to a site

  • Adding pages
  • Adding and editing text and images
  • Adding Google files, video etc
  • Inserting and editing tables of content
  • Editing headers and footers
  • Changing your homepage
  • Moving, copying pages
  • Hiding and deleting pages
  • Adding and removing a contact form
  • Showing/hiding a page last updated time
  • Creating custom URLs

Changing the look and style of a site

  • Changing the font style
  • Changing the background style or adding a photo
  • Moving the menu to the top or left
  • Changing the colour of the menu
  • Changing the theme or layout
  • Changing the background or font

Sharing and publishing a site

  • Publishing and sharing your site
  • Revewing your latest changes before publishing
  • Inviting others to edit your site


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