Course length

2 days

Why come on this course?

This is the first of a two part series of courses examining the data tools and features found in Microsoft Excel.

The course is designed to examine a combination of new and revised features which are available to help you work with data in Microsoft Excel. Features covered range from data importing to analysis leading to subsequent output in Excel. Analysis and outputs include data and graphical tools available in Microsoft Excel.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for anyone who needs to work with Excel in order to connect to, arrange, prepare, process, analyse and display data in order to produce suitable output and views of data for use at all levels within an organisation.


  • Not suitable for new Excel users. 
  • Understand basic data concepts
  • Be able to ceate, format and save worksheets and workbooks
  • Be able to create formulas using standard aggregate functions

What will I learn?

  • Import data into Excel
  • Create connections to external data sources
  • Use Workbook Analysis
  • Utilise new Excel features to analyse data
  • Present external and Excel based organisational data using a combination of graphical and data views

Course contents

Getting the Data to your Workbook

  • Import or Connection
  • Data from other Excel Sources
  • Retrieving Data from other Applications
  • Using Web Based Data

Preparing Data for Analysis

  • Data Cleansing and Manipulation Tools
  • Introduction to Data Tables
  • Creating Data Models and Data Relationships
  • Workbook Analysis with Inquire

Using Data Tables, Slicers and Functions

  • Use Data Table and Slicers
  • Analysis with Excel Functions and Data Validation

Working with Data Visually

  • Quick Data Analysis
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Visualise Trends with Sparklines
  • Using Charts, Exploring Chart Types and Options
  • Lines, Up/Down Bars, Error Bars and Trendlines
  • Create a Forecast Sheet


  • Introduction to PivotTable Principles
  • Create PivotCharts from a Table
  • Creating Decoupled PivotCharts from a Connection or Data Model
  • Filtering the Data using Slicers and Timelines

Power View Reports

  • Creating Power View Reports
  • Using Tables, Cards and Matrices
  • Charting in Power View Reports
  • Mapping Geo-Data
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