Course length

2 days

Why come on this course?

On this course you will learn how to manage cost effectively and track the progress of plans in Microsoft Project. You will exchange project plan data with other applications, customise elements and reuse project plan information.

Who is it for?

This course is designed people who have an understanding of project management concepts and the basic skills to create and modify project plans using Microsoft Project, and who now need to use Microsoft Project to manage and customise those plans through the implementation stage of a project. This course is suitable for anyone using Microsoft Project Standard or Professional, versions 2013, 2016 or 2019. 


  • Knowledge of a Windows operating system, XP or newer
  • Understanding of project management concepts
  • Attend the Microsoft Project Introduction, or have equivalent knowledge

What will I learn?

  • Manage project costs
  • Consolidate and reuse project plan information
  • Exchange project plan data with other applications
  • Update a project plan
  • Edit existing and create custom reports
  • Customise Project to meet specific requirements

Course contents

Project Introduction Course – Consolidation

Manage Costs in Microsoft Project

  • Create Different Cost Rates for Resources
  • Change the Resource Cost on Individual Tasks
  • Alter Costs Based on Time Periods
  • Assign Overtime Costs and Work to Resources

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Combining Multiple Projects as a Programme
  • Creating a Shared Resource Pool
  • Assigning Resources using a Resource Pool
  • Using Cost Rate Tables with a Resource Pool
  • Identifying the Critical Path or Paths in a Programme

Import and Export Information

  • File Formats Supported by Microsoft Project
  • Mapping Project Information
  • Exporting Microsoft Project Information
  • Importing Information into Microsoft Project

Tracking Progress and Project Actuals

  • Moving a Project
  • Entering Task Progress as Scheduled
  • Updating and Monitoring Progress using a Status Date
  • Updating Actuals
  • Reschedule Incomplete Work

Reporting on Projects

  • Reporting on Progress
  • Manipulate Built-In Reports
  • Earned Value Reporting
  • Work with Multiple Baselines
  • Distribute Project Data in Other Formats

Customising Microsoft Project

  • Working with the Timeline Feature
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Create Custom Filters
  • Create Custom Tables
  • Create Custom Views
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Create Templates
  • Using the Organizer

Appendices (if relevant and time permits)

  • Calculation Options with Status Date
  • Using Interim Plans
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