1.5 hours

Why come on this course?

In this course you will learn how to use Slack to communicate and share with your colleagues. You will learn how to create and join channels in your workspace,  communicate in group discussions and by direct messaging, share information and files, and make voice and video calls.

Who's it for?

This session is designed for people who are new to Slack and want to use it to communicate and collaborate with colleagues.

Course contents

Getting Started

  • What is Slack?
  • Key concepts/benefits
  • Logging into Slack Online App
  • Logging into Slack Desktop App
  • Changing Your Personal Settings

Understanding Workspaces

  • What are Workspaces?
  • Switching Between Workspaces

Working in Channels

  • What are Channels?
  • Creating Channels
  • Adding People to Channels
  • Joining Channels 
  • Starring Channels 
  • Leaving Channels
  • Converting Channels to Private 
  • Archiving Channels 
  • Unarchiving Channels 

Sending Messages 

  • Sending Messages to Channels 
  • Sending Direct Messages 
  • Formatting Messages 
  • Using Emojis and Emoticons 
  • Mentioning Members
  • Notifying a Channel
  • Editing Messages 
  • Deleting Messages 

Reading and Responding to Messages 

  • Reading Messages 
  • Marking Messages as Unread 
  • Responding to Messages 
  • Using Emoji Reactions
  • Starting or Replying to Threads
  • Following Threads 

Organising Messages 

  • Pinning Messages and Files
  • Viewing Pinned Messages 
  • Starring Channels, Messages and Files
  • Creating Tasks
  • Setting, Deleting and Completing Reminders

Sharing Files and Conversations

  • Adding Files to Slack 
  • Deleting Files from Slack 
  • Sharing Linkds 
  • Previewing Content in Messages 

Creating posts and snippets

  • Creating Posts
  • Formatting Posts (Desktop)
  • Adding Images to Posts
  • Editing and Deleting Posts
  • Creating a Snippet

Searching and Filtering

  • Start Searching for Messages
  • Using Search Modifiers and Dates
  • Filtering Search Results 

Making Calls and Sharing Your Screen

  • Starting a Voice or Video Call
  • Sharing your Screen
  • Inviting Others to a Call

Shortcuts and Commands

  • Using Slash Commands
  • Using Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Slack apps and mobile apps (if time allows)

Adding Apps to Slack 
Downloading Slack Mobile Apps

Getting Support

Contact Alpha Training