3 hours

Why come on this course?

On this course you will learn how to use the iManage Work document management system to search for matters and documents, save documents and emails, and manage your documents. You will learn how to access your work from Microsoft Office and from your web browser.

Who's it for?

This workshop is designed for people who are comfortable with Microsoft Office and who need to have a good understanding of the iManage Work document management system. Typically, delegates will be fee earners, management and support staff working in the legal, property, and finance sectors.

Course Contents

Getting Started

  • What is iManage
  • iManage Concepts and Terminology
  • iManage Structure
  • Accessing iManage in Outlook
  • Displaying the Work Panel in Outlook
  • Accessing the iManage Web App

Exploring iManage Content

  • Viewing Clients, Matters, Folders, Emails, Documents and My Favourites
  • Adding Workspaces to My Matters
  • Adding Workspaces, Folders and Documents to My Favourites
  • Sorting Content by Date etc
  • Filtering Content and Clearing Filters
  • Using Smart Preview

Searching iManage Content

  • Searching for Clients, Matters, Emails and Documents 
  • Using Search Refiners  
  • Viewing All and Personalised Search Results
  • Viewing, Clearing and Deleting Recent Searches
  • Adding Additional Criteria in Advanced Search (Web App)
  • Saving Searches (Web App)

Working with Microsoft Office in iManage

  • Using iManage Commands in Microsoft Office
  • Opening Documents from iManage
  • Saving Documents in iManage
  • Saving and Syncing documents
  • Saving New Versions 
  • Saving Documents as PDFs
  • Inserting Footers in Word
  • Sending Documents Links
  • Inserting Links and Text in Documents
  • Viewing and Editing Document Properties
  • Viewing Document Timelines
  • Comparing Document Versions

Working with Emails in iManage

  • Attaching iManage Documents to Emails
  • Filing Emails Using Send and File
  • Understanding Luggage Tags
  • Filing Incoming Emails and Attachments
  • Filing Emails to Multiple Locations
  • Filing Emails and Attachments Using Drag and Drop
  • Filing Emails Automatically Using Filing Folders

Managing iManage Documents

  • Viewing and Editing Document Properties
  • Viewing and Editing Document Versions
  • Downloading and Uploading Documents
  • Sending Documents and Links
  • Checking Out and Checking In Items
  • Moving and Copying Documents
  • Deleting Documents (if permissions allow)
  • Relating Items
  • Taking Documents Offline
  • Sharing Access to My Workspaces
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