1 hour 

Why come on this course?

On this workshop you will know how to use the iManage Work Mobility app to view and work with iManage documents and emails on your iPad or iPhone, enabling you to be productive in and out of the office. You will learn how to browse, search, view, edit and upload content within iManage Work.

Who's it for?

This workshop is designed for people who have already received iManage Work training, and who need to access documents from their iPhone or iPad mobile devices.

Course contents


  • What is iManage Work Mobility?

Connecting to Mobility

  • Downloading the Mobility App
  • Setting Up the Mobility App

Navigating Mobility

  • Logging in to Mobility
  • Browsing Content

Working with the Briefcase

  • Downloading Documents to the Briefcase
  • Icons and Visual Indicators
  • Edited Documents and New Versions
  • Documents to be Updated to the Latest Version
  • Previewing an Item
  • Viewing All Versions of a Document in the Briefcase
  • Opening an Edited Document
  • Document Toolbar

Using Search

  • Searching for Documents
  • Saving Searches
  • Search Filters
  • Filter by Content Type

Working with Documents using Word IOS

  • Opening and Editing an Existing Document
  • Opening and Editing a Recent Document
  • Creating and Saving a New Document
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