1.5 hours


By the end of the workshop delegates will know how to use the key features and functionality of the iManage Share.


This workshop is designed for staff members who wish to use iManage Share to securely share documents saved in iManage with third parties.

Course contents


  • What is iManage Work Share?

Using iManage Work Share in Outlook

  • iManage Share Commands
  • Sending Secure Links to Documents
  • Unpublishing Links
  • Creating and Sharing iManage Share Folders
  • Modifying Sharing and Permissions
  • Copying Documents to Shared Client Folders
  • Opening the Folder in iManage Share

Using iManage Work Share in a Web Browser

  • Accessing iManage Share
    • Accessing iManage Share from Outlook
    • Logging in to iManage Share via a Web Browser
  • Sharing iManage Share Folders and Documents
    • Viewing iManage Share Folders
    • Creating New iManage Share Folders
    • Uploading Files to iManage Share Folders
    • Removing Files from iManage Share Folders
    • Sharing iManage Share Folders with New Members
    • Sharing iManage Share Folders with Existing Members
    • Unsharing iManage Share Folders
    • Viewing Your Shared Folders
    • Sharing Links to iManage Share Documents 
    • Viewing Your Shared Documents 
  • Viewing Secure Sent Links 
    • Viewing Secure Sent Links 
  • Searching and Filtering iManage Share Documents 
    • Searching Documents 
    • Viewing/Hiding the Filter Pane 
    • Filtering Documents
  • Managing iManage Share Documents
    • Viewing Document Details
    • Tagging Documents
    • Tagging Multiple Documents
    • Removing Tags
    • Adding New Versions to Documents
    • Flagging Shared Documents 
    • Removing Flags from Shared Documents 
    • Adding Shared Documents to Favourites 
    • Viewing Favourites 
    • Removing Shared Documents from Favourites 
    • Viewing Shared Document Activity 
    • Deleting Shared Documents 
    • Restoring Shared Documents from Trash 
    • Permanently Deleting Documents in Trash 

Third Party Access 

  • Accepting Invitations 
  • Activating Accounts 


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