Course length

3 hour workshop with pre and post workshop activities.

Why come on this course?

If you use an agile approach at work, or are likely to, this course will help you build your people skills to create collaborative, innovative and creative teams.

Who is it for?

Managers who work in an agile environment, or would like to.

What will I learn?

This course will help you:

  • Develop management behaviours to suit agile practices, your own personality and the team you work with.
  • Apply agile feedback principles to one-to-one performance and development discussions.
  • Create a motivating environment, based on trust, where people are challenged to develop continually.
  • Approach team members as customers by applying collaboration and interaction principles to processes and conversations.

Course contents

Before the workshop

Complete a short individual learning activity.

The workshop

Welcome and Introductions

  • Review of pre-course work
  • Agile people skills

Manager or Facilitator?

  • How do you fit into the team?

Best style for you and your team

  • Facilitative behaviours and how to pick the right ones


  • Getting the environment right
  • Handing over control to get results


  • When to sit down not Stand Up
  • Using a “pull” style


  • Using Stand-ups
  • Keeping it focussed
  • Checking shared understanding
  • Picking up on visual clues
  • Getting the balance right

Team Charters

  • Agreeing values and behaviours

What next?

  • Individual and group action planning
  • Confirming dates of next activity

After the workshop

One hour live online group session with your workshop facilitator to review action plans.

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