Course length

1 day

Why come on this course?

This course will be of interest if you are in a secretarial/administrative role and would like to enhance your skills.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for secretaries who are interested in developing their role.  It does not cover the more “traditional” skills, such as keyboard and IT skills.  The recommended maximum is 12 delegates.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be aware of the wide range of responsibilities the secretarial role can cover and have identified ways in which your own job could be enhanced
  • Have had an opportunity to analyse how effectively you organise your workload and what improvements can be made
  • Have established ways to deal effectively with difficulties which arise from working for more than one person
  • Review the way in which you communicate and begin to acquire some skills and techniques to enhance your relationships with others 

Course contents

What is a secretary?

  • How secretarial work is changing
  • Identifying the skills you need

Managing your workload

  • Planning and setting goals
  • Prioritising       

Working with others

  • Identifying your preferred role when working in a team
  • The stages a team goes through as it develops
  • Recognising the needs of others in the team
  • Reviewing the quality of current working relationships
  • Transactional Analysis - a technique for improving relationships with others 


  • 5 levels of listening
  • Using questions to clarify expectations
  • Putting your point across
  • Impact of body language on communication

Action planning

  • Developing a personal action plan
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