Course length

1 day

Why come on this workshop?

In a changing workplace, individuals and organizations are constantly adapting to increasing demand with limited resources.

Our resilience building programmes are designed to help managers and individuals maintain performance and stay motivated, engaged and committed through periods of change.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to feel better equipped to deal with a changing and challenging work environment.

What will I learn?

  • Identify your natural response to periods of change and uncertainty at work
  • Be familiar with the 7 elements of resilience and how you can increase your own resilience
  • Have identified how your preferred way of working impacts on responses to change and stress.
  • Be aware of strategies and techniques to help you cope with stress and change

Course contents

Bouncing back

  • How resilient are you?
  • When do you bounce and when do you deflate?

The 7 factors of resilience

  • How do we measure resilience?
  • Where are your strengths?
  • How can you increase resilience?

How you like to work

  • Introduction to Social Styles
  • Impact of Social Style e on your response to change and stress

Strategies for Resilience

  • Being aware of your own stress levels
  • Finding the positives and making change work for you
  • Building productive and supportive work relationships
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Developing an assertive communication style

Your resilience action plan

  • Goal setting techniques
  • Personal action planning
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