Course length

1/2 day

Why come on this course?

Our working environment is in constant flux.  We work more remotely, we have a diversity of input from many stakeholders and what is acceptable in terms of how we interact, how we nurture talent and help each other to bring our best selves to work, continues to evolve.

This interactive workshop helps illuminate how disrespectful behaviours, micro aggression and non-inclusive language can impact on individuals, teams and performance. It will empower learners to self-reflect, make changes to their own behaviours and support their colleagues in making their organisation a safe and inclusive place for talent to thrive.

Who is it for?

All grades and functions working across public and private sectors.

Course style

Dramatising challenging situations at work allows learners to immerse themselves in behavioural conflict and guide the characters into taking the next steps towards a solution. Often, we know what to do but we still find it difficult to take action and therefore we do nothing until it’s too late and negative repercussions ensue.

Course contents

  • Explore the impact of behaviours through live forum theatre with professional actor facilitators
  • Understand organisational behavioural values
  • Become confidently pro-active
  • Build rapport though constructive conversations
  • Communicate respectfully
  • Manage conflict effectively
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